Building a Nutshell (Part 255, 217)

Our workshop production of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL opens TOMORROW!



And it’s remarkable that in this crazy digital age of smartphones and continuous wi-fi passwords and satellite connections and social media diatribes and texts…texts..texts…and emails and emojis and emoticons (I still like emoticons) and blue-light screens and YouTube videos…

Through all that – tech-theater rehearsals remain mostly unchanged! Much of the technology may be different (observe “Facetiming” with lighting technician below), but the last minute panic attacks and near-misses and threatening SNAFU’s (and those phantom PAR cans that never seem to be part of any light cue, yet remain on in the middle of the lighting-plot until the lighting designer magically convinces them to turn off) remain deliriously (and unnervingly) intact.

It’s the price we all pay for continuing to play in a medium that still wants to tell its story raw and in person.

Audience breathing the same air as performers.

All of us (hopefully) buzzing in this narrative electricity together.

It’s like a chaotic mosaic of light and shadow. Seemingly disparate pieces put together to create a whole. Like a portrait of fragments.

Just under 36 hours ’til wormhole…


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