a little Morning Macca pick-up for Opening Night (and a thank you)…

To the gorgeous cast and crew of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL,

As I type this, it’s ten hours to wormhole.

Final rehearsal was last night. It came so quickly (it always does).


The show’s not mine anymore.

It’s in your hands to tell the tale. To conspire to translate this story.

And then you give the tale to the audience. Hand off your translation to these unsuspecting bystanders.

And then these unsuspecting bystanders have to figure out what the hell to do with your tale.

What the hell does it say? What the hell does it provoke? What the hell does it ask?

And opening nights are always a flurry of last-minute questions and queries, so I’ll keep this very simple.

It was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE watching you all in action last night during our last rehearsal!

There was a great buzz after last night’s final run and I have no doubt you’ll hit it out of the park tonight.

You should all be so proud of your work, your sweat equity, and your talent.

So…a little Mutant Mix-Tape just for you guys.

If you’re in a place where you can turn the volume up, CRANK IT!!!

See you tonight…

And thank you…

(Wings – Topic)



(MissFlowerOfScotland’s channel)

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