Dances with Doors and Dimensions

Our workshop production of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL ran last weekend.


And we scored some lovely photos taken by the keen-eyed Lloyd Mulvey during our last rehearsal before opening night (full collection HERE).

Always a surreal moment when you start perusing the show photos and suddenly remember when it was all just a quirky idea you were banging around in your typewriter. Black and white letters punched into eggshell-colored paper.

And then it’s a bunch of your friends (tipsy friends) with flashlights reading through drafts in somebody’s living room.

And then it’s a full-blown, living thing growing up, going off to school, and bringing boys home for the holidays.

What a crazy process!

Featuring (in order of appearance) David Lind, Laura Delhauer, Jamie Roach, Ben Maters


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