An Army of Zombies (or My Botnet Lies Over the Ocean)

Continuing our Quantum Computing Crash (Collision?) Course to get you ready for our upcoming performance of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL (help us BUILD A NUTSHELL HERE) –

Reports are coming in that the huge cyber attack that happened on October 21, 2016 hailed from China using “botnets” (described by some as “zombies”). And botnets usually infect computers. BUT, with the development of the “Internet of Things,” these botnets were able to infect all kinds of household items (does your “Smart TV” have a camera? Yep, someone can hack it and watch your living room).

And be sure to read the fine print in your Terms and Conditions when you’re buying your next “hack-able” device. There may be language that in there that clears the manufacturer of any liability if your life gets hacked through their product.

21st Century, baby! Remarkable.

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