A Bit of Feynman

Continuing our Quantum Computing Crash (Collision?) Course to get you ready for our upcoming performance of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL

Sometimes you realize the world is a big, big place. And the Universe around our little planet is even bigger. Like REALLY BIG. And time around us all is big. REALLY BIG. LIKE NAUSEATINGLY BIG. And the size of it all can be menacing! BIG ‘OLE LIFE, THE UNIVERSE, AND ALL THAT HAPPENS INSIDE IT.

So many ways to go. Some many people to know and ignore. So many ways to fail and succeed. Time that exists and doesn’t exist all at the same time. Matter and energy that never began and will never end. Nothing destroyed. Only changed.

And then what happens???

Hell. Matter and energy may all be the same thing at the heart of the smallest particle, determined by the vibrations of even smaller particles.

It gets weird and strange and funky when you try to fit it all inside your little head that’s only really evolved enough to handle hunting for food and building wigwams out of palm leaves to protect us from the rain and snow and wind.

And sometimes, when I need a salve for that feeling of uncertainty, I listen to the great (sadly, late) Nobel-Prize winning theoretical physicist Richard Feynman. He was always in delightful awe of the Universe and was ecstatic that he would never know everything.

A little bit of scientific wonder for All Saint’s Day.


Video provided by Greatest Minds of All Time

Video provided by Muon Ray

Video provided by ScienceToday

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