Continuing our Quantum Computing Crash (Collision?) Course to get you ready for our upcoming performance of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL


And as you’re reading your “back page” for coverage on tonight’s historic World Series game, listen to the below playlist and enjoy our little ode to the cities of CHICAGO and CLEVELAND.

130909210310-07-cassette-0909-horizontal-large-gallerycubs and indians“Put me in coach! I’m READY TO PLAY TODAY!” as John Fogerty sang back in 1985.

And here we are about to witness a little bit of history! The baseball geek in me is stoked! Chicago Cubs have stormed back to tie the series up. But Cleveland’s a tough team.

So this should be(fingers crossed) a CLASSIC!

So kick back, enjoy the mix-tape, make your picks, and ENJOY as we close the curtain on the baseball season!

From Cleveland: (Video provided by MANNY MORA)

From Chicago: (Video provided by EarthWindandFireVEVO)

From Cleveland: (Video provided by MrPurser)

From Chicago: (Video provided by UrgeOverkillVEVO)

From Cleveland: (Video provided by André Tomé)

From Chicago: (Video provided by John1948SixB)

From Cleveland: (Video provided by MrPurser)

From Chicago: (Video provided by Blue-Eyed Soul)

From Cleveland: (Video provided by 1119Masterchief)

EXTRA INNING!!!! – From Chicago: (Video provided by SmashingPumpkinsVEVO)

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