Chanukah Chaiku (and Other Holiday Gems by Nicholas Feynman)

Writer Nicholas Feynman joins MUTANT PEEPSHOW for some Holiday mischief on the first night of Chanukah.



“The Chanukah Cat”
by Nicholas Feynman

Suzie just ordered
the Chanukah Cat today
it comes in 8 parts

The very first night
She is U.P.S’ed 4 paws
They wriggle and writhe

On the second night
She is U.P.S’ed a tail
It wags and it flails

And so on and on
Nightly – the cat’s parts arrive
Suz puts them in place

On the final night
She finally gets the head
And she is so glad

It hasn’t been fun
Playing string with a kitty
That doesn’t have eyes

After assembly
Suzie picks up her kitty
And it is so warm

The cat purrs and purrs
And it struts very proudly
At last it can see

christmas-funny-cat small

“The Cat and the Haunted Christmas Tree
(in 8 Haiku Stanzas) “

by Nicholas Feynman

The cat pawed and pawed
The lights of the Christmas tree
He shook the needles

He jingled and poked
The bells of the Tannenbaum
‘Till tolls were feeble

It was Christmas Eve
The cat fiendishly frolicked
LURKING on the floor

He perked up, THEN DASHED
At the branches of the tree
He leapt – and then SOARED

BUT! – this Yuletide tree
STRUCK BACK on this win ‘try eve

The Christmas tree roared
Reared back – then ATE THE KITTY

The snow is silent
On a win ‘try Christmas Eve
This tree is well fed

Cats – heed this lesson
Don’t play with your Christmas trees

Railroad Rail in the Frozen Cold
by Nicholas Feynman

Do not thstick oour thongue
Thoo the wailwoad thracks the way
That Ai have thust thdone


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