#TheMartiniEffect (#HashtagNovella for #NYCBars Edition: Chapter 12)

The Martini Effect – Chapter 12 (Spinning the Cube)

Chapter 12.1

Episode 12 (USQ Installation 1)

(We rejoin our Dharma Drunk heroes as Marylou continues to search for her dimly remembered bar somewhere downtown.)

Marylou and I get off the train at the Union Square station.
We head up the steps and into the sunlight.
Marylou reaches her arms out again, her divining rod still searching out the bar she faintly remembers.

“Yes!” Marylou exclaims. “We’re close. We’re so close.”

She looks to the square as if looking to a beacon or a lighthouse.

Chapter 12.2

Episode 12 (USQ Installation 2)

As if the installation across the street from us is some kind of radio antennae sending Marylou signals.

We head down Union Square East.

“Closer,” Marylou says again and again.

Chapter 12.3

Episode 12 (Cooper Totem 1)

Her arms still reaching out in front of her.
Still searching.

“We’re getting warmer,” Marylou says.

Chapter 12.4

Episode 12 (Cooper Totem 2)

“Warmer!” Marylou repeats.

Still reaching. Still searching.

Chapter 12.5

Episode 12 (Cube 1)

Marylou stops suddenly and watches people rotate the Cube in Astor Place for a few minutes.

Chapter 12.6

Episode 12 (Cube 2)

“Everyone’s got to have a go at the Cube,” Marylou says as she watches the Cube turn on its axis one time after another.

Chapter 12.7

Episode 12 (Cube 3)

“Why do you think everyone has to have a go at the Cube?” Marylou asks me.

Chapter 12.8

Episode 12 (Cube 4)

I answer Marylou’s question the best I can. “I guess when you live in a city where everything can feel so immovable; it’s satisfying to have something you can spin so easily. How does that sound?”

“That could be it,” Marylou says.

Chapter 12.9

Episode 12 (Cube 5)

Marylou watches the Cube a few moments longer.
And then she’s off again down the street.

“Vamos,” she says.

And I continue to follow her.

(Tune in tomorrow for the next installment…)

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