Entangled with Enlightened Enterprises (or Quantum Mechanics 101)

Continuing our Quantum Computing Crash (Collision?) Course to get you ready for our upcoming performance of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL (help us BUILD A NUTSHELL HERE) –

If there was ever a springboard for BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL, it were these panel discussions during the WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL in the summer of 2008.

Specifically: The Invisible Reality: The Wonderful Weirdness of the Quantum World (Video 3).

So many fantastic ideas I couldn’t get out of my head. And what was so compelling was the existential areas so much of this science went into. Because, like the heart of an atom, the deeper you go the stranger it gets.

“Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”

– Sir Arthur Eddington

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