Mutant Mix-Tape ‘Dreams a Little Dream’ of Ella Fitzgerald’s Centennial

ella fitzgerald like someone in love coverThere will only ever be one Ella.
No question. No argument. Don’t even try me.

Her intonation and phrasing were perfect.

By the time I graduated from high school, the vinyl copy of her Gershwin Songbook was nearly as transparent as an onion, the record needle having practically cut through the platter – the album having been spun a million times (at least). And I’m still not even sure that particular piece of vinyl was ever properly mine. It might have been borrowed (read: inadvertently stolen) from the local library.

Fortunately, I evaded capture and the LP remained in my collection for ages.

So, a Mutant Mix-Tape to celebrate what would have been her 100th Birthday.

The below playlist doesn’t even begin to fully showcase her breadth of talent. Her vocal flexibility. Her heart and warmth.

But it will begin to give you an idea of what this remarkable songstress was capable of.

Thanks, Ella.

Video couresy of Boss Producciones

Video courtesy of The Unforgettables Tv

Video courtesy of nosnipful

Video courtesy of Ella Fitzgerald – Topic

Video couresy of Jonathan Shmil

Video courtesy of easylyricsorg6706

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