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#TheMartiniEffect (#HashtagNovella for #NYCBars Edition: Chapter 13)

The Martini Effect – Chapter 13 (Shangri-La Pas plus) Chapter 13.1 (13.1) “Closer,” Marylou says as we turn down St. Mark’s Place. And I continue to follow her. “Closer,” she says again. “Closer.” Marylou stops and stares silently at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge awning. She enters quietly. And I continue to follow her. Chapter 13.2 … Continue reading

#TheMartiniEffect (#HashtagNovella for #NYCBars Edition: Chapter 12)

The Martini Effect – Chapter 12 (Spinning the Cube) Chapter 12.1 (12.1) (We rejoin our Dharma Drunk heroes as Marylou continues to search for her dimly remembered bar somewhere downtown.) Marylou and I get off the train at the Union Square station. We head up the steps and into the sunlight. Marylou reaches her arms … Continue reading

#TheMartiniEffect (#HashtagNovella for #NYCBars Edition: Chapter 11)

The Martini Effect – Chapter 11 (Drinking with Mementos and Mermaids) Chapter 11.1 (11.1) “I’ve never been scuba diving,” Marylou says. “But I drank with a mermaid one time.” Chapter 11.2 (11.2) “You drank with a mermaid one time?” I ask. “Yes,” Marylou says with a mischievous grin. “What was her name?” I ask. “I … Continue reading

#TheMartiniEffect (#HashtagNovella for #NYCBars Edition: Chapter 10)

The Martini Effect – Chapter 10 (One Dove Into the Cuckoo’s Nest) Chapter 10.1 (10.1) (We rejoin our Dharma Drunk heroes on the downtown train, Marylou still searching for her dimly remembered bar.) “Have you ever been scuba diving?” I ask Marylou. She laughs. “No. I can barely manage a dogpaddle.” “You can get nitrogen … Continue reading